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The right platform has everything you need to scale PreSales, de-risk the forecast, drive product alignment, deliver more demos, and demonstrate your team's incredible impact.

Here are seven reasons why that platform should be Vivun.

A Truly Unified Platform for PreSales 

Whether it's scaling PreSales, aligning Product with Sales, or doing more demos, your team finally has a place to call home with VivunOne. Get visibility not just on team capacity, technical wins, and product gaps, but how those things relate to one another, and eliminate the burdens associated with juggling multiple point solutions. 

An AI-powered Assistant for Every Sales Engineer

Sales Engineers, traditionally the trusted copilots of your Sales team, now have an extraordinary companion dedicated to optimizing, aligning, and analyzing every aspect of your sales process with Vivun's SE Copilot™. Harness the power of Generative AI to effortlessly track activities, predict which deals are at risk, and help R&D make more informed roadmap decisions.

The Industry's First AI Domain Model for PreSales

Our AI and machine learning models are backed by the Vivun Intelligence System, an AI domain model for PreSales built on decades of PreSales expertise, thousands of opportunities managed, and millions of activities captured. It's what enables us to confidently deliver recommendations on how PreSales can scale their efforts, win more deals, and drive product fit.

Insights You've Never Had Before

Xpert Analytics in Vivun gives you visibility into team performance, the effectiveness of your technical sales process, and product insights like never before. Inform company strategy with a completely new data set from PreSales, and the ability to visualize and access it without specialized resources.

A Dedicated Partner to Get Started and Go Beyond

While initial setup only takes a few hours, we partner with you throughout your initial deployment, configuration, and rollout of the Vivun platform, with a dedicated Technical Account Manager to help you drive adoption and maximize return on investment.

Access to Industry Best Practices

We elevate your team by providing actionable recommendations and best practices based on the decades of PreSales experience amassed by our founders and employees, and the countless hours we've spent working with the world's leading PreSales organizations.

The Fastest-Growing Network of PreSales Leaders

You get access to the Vivun Xpert Community, the industry's foremost network for senior PreSales leaders, with ongoing education, virtual events, highly personalized networking, and curated content.

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