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Unlock and take action on the product and sales insights hidden in your technical sales process. Operations, Demo Automation and Product-Field Alignment, all in one integrated platform.

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Securing the Technical Win with Vivun

The longest stage of your sales cycle is spent securing the technical win, and new abilities and efficiencies here have the biggest impact on growth. The right Technical Sales Execution platform has everything you need to build the best products, deliver and scale the best demos, and run the best processes.

Here are five reasons why that platform should be Vivun.

An AI-Powered Assistant for Everyone

Now everyone on the sales team benefits from more technical resources and capacity. Sales Engineers, traditionally the trusted copilots of your Sales team, now have an extraordinary companion dedicated to optimizing, aligning, and analyzing every aspect of your technical sales process. Also, Sales Development Reps and Account Executives get new tools to accelerate engagements and sales cycles when Sales Engineers aren’t around, and Product Managers can ensure their development efforts are in lock step with sales goals and objectives.

The Industry's First and Only Technical Sales Expert System

Vivun created the Vivun Intelligence System - the first and only domain model for the Technical Sales process, based on decades of experience, expertise and analysis of hundreds of thousands opportunities, and millions of technical sales activities. The Vivun Intelligence System enables all Vivun solutions to deliver new abilities and insights to help teams secure technical wins faster, with fewer resources.

A Truly Unified Platform

No more CRM customization, custom-built platforms, spreadsheets and time trackers, or being an afterthought when it comes to the engagement, enablement and intelligence tools that we’re built to support the technical sales process. Your team finally has a place to call home with VivunOne. Get visibility into team capacity, technical wins, product gaps, and how those areas relate to one another, and eliminate the burdens associated with juggling multiple point solutions.

Insights You've Never Had Before

Xpert Analytics in Vivun gives you insights about your products, your performance, your processes and your people that you have never seen before. Now you can inform decisions and strategies faster without specialized, dedicated resources or expensive consulting engagements.

A Dedicated Partner to Get Started and Go Beyond

While initial setup only takes a few hours, we partner with you throughout your initial deployment, configuration, and rollout of the Vivun platform, with a dedicated Technical Account Manager to help you drive adoption and maximize return on investment.

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Gain a competitive edge. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your workflow, optimize resources, make data-driven decisions, elevate customer engagement, and accelerate sales cycles. 

Your future success depends on it.