Customer Success Outcomes

31% Faster Sales Cycles

Improve Alignment with Sales & Save Time for Revenue-Driving Efforts

Large Enterprise SaaS Company Sr. Sales Operations Manager "Vivun has allowed us to better understand our business so that we can create best practices that are applicable and scalable."
Large Enterprise SaaS Company Director of PreSales "[Vivun's] allowed us to see where we are investing time. Low priority efforts that are not core to PreSales are now refused."
Medium Enterprise SaaS Company Manager, Business Information Systems "Vivun helps our PreSales org stay organized and on task, resulting in decreased sales cycles."
Large Enterprise SaaS Company Principal Solutions Consultant "I spend less time doing repetitive updates. Using Vivun, I log my activities and map to opportunities quickly and easily."
Fortune 500 Company Solutions Consultant "Working alongside the sales team, presales has been able to thin the gap between the two teams' strategies."

37% Increase in Technical Win Rate

Focus Efforts on Actions Proven to Close and Deals Likely to Win

Fortune 500 Company Director of PreSales Operations "We have been able to qualify 'hunches' with hard data showing the impact of a broken sales process in terms of resources leveraged in low quality opportunities and win rates."
Forbes Cloud 100 Company Director of Global Sales Engineering "Vivun has allowed us to find efficiency in our PreSales motion and ultimately has been instrumental in scaling our team's impact!"
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company Global VP, Solution Consulting "We are starting to see data insight that allows us to change behavior and influence prioritization of activity toward deals that have a higher chance to win."
Large Enterprise SaaS Company Solutions Engineer "Vivun provides better alignment between AE and SEs in terms of where we see our opportunities from each other's perspectives. It helps identify areas of improvements...and keep us accountable."

35% of ARR Identified in New Revenue Opportunities

Convert Customer Needs into Product Roadmap Priorities

Large Enterprise SaaS Company EMEA CTO "Vivun has helped us in bridging between the Sales Engineers and Product Teams and helped to prioritise features for roadmaps."
Large Enterprise SaaS Company SVP Cloud and Field Technology "We've unblocked more than $100m in revenue. It's a critical tool of our organization"
Medium Enterprise SaaS Company Product Manager "Our roadmap planning initiatives/features have a quantified hard benefit before we build/ship anything."
Small Enterprise SaaS Company Head of Product "It's great to have an objective, quantifiable way to measure product gaps and the impact they can have on our growth."
Medium Enterprise SaaS Company Sales Engineer "Vivun has greatly improved the product/customer alignment...after less than a year, Product has been reshifting priorities that match our customer needs."
Medium Enterprise SaaS Company Sales Engineer "It's given the field more visibility into how Product has prioritized the gaps we've identified that potentially impact millions of dollars worth of ARR."