Vivun for Sales Operations

Streamline the Sales Process

Capture and analyze data about the Technical Sales process team to uncover insights and guide sales strategies.


The Tech Validation Stage Shouldn't Be a Black Box

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Do you understand what’s happening in Stage 3?

Vivun provides the technical point of view of what is happening through opportunities so you can see the technical fit and technical risk of the pipeline. Now you can reallocate resources to pull deals forward or push deals out, and improving forecast accuracy.

How do you strategically plan for capacity?

Vivun provides discreet and specific insights about workload, utilization, and efficiency that help you better allocate and assign resources to opportunities and ensure there is enough technical expertise to meet the needs of the entire sales team.

Are you managing different workflows and reports?

Vivun accounts for the different technical sales processes by product-line, segment, and geography. We know that all sales processes are unique, and provide the means to customize as you see fit, but also have codified best practices into the platform, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What additional insights could you be capturing?

Vivun provides over 100 OOTB reports that help you understand the technical sales process at the most granular level. Creator Mode in Vivun's Xpert Analytics lets you build your own custom reporting directly in the platform.


Vivun Provides Clarity into PreSales

Vivun means no more maintenance and administration of customized Salesforce and more spreadsheet-based reporting or dashboards.
Xpert Analytics gives you time-series data about what happened and when it happened so you can make informed decisions faster.
Our Salesforce Managed Package means everyone works in Vivun, with no conflicts with your Salesforce instance. We hear from our customers that Vivun is one of their foremost Salesforce adoption drivers.
Have a preferred Business Intelligence platform? Cool! If your toolchain is compatible with Snowflake, you can use that!

Vivun Boosts Technical Win Rates by 37%

Customers who use Vivun understand exactly what it takes to get a deal across the line and replicate those best practices across their entire organization.

"The integration between Salesforce and Vivun is truly commendable. It delivers exactly as promised, and the efficiency is remarkable. Unlike other platforms, where timelines are often underestimated and delivery delayed, Vivun delivered in days - as opposed to the weeks and month it took others."

Eric Tan CIO, Flock Safety

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