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More Technical Capacity. Less Overhead.


Your Technical Sales Process Holds the Key Answers to Unlocking Revenue.

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What deals are in jeopardy?

Vivun lets you know which deals have technical risk, letting you know which deals to focus on and which ones to walk away from. Now you can optimize resources to pull deals forward.

What product gaps are holding you back?

Vivun tells you the most common product gaps in the pipeline, as well gaps amongst the customer base, and product team progress against closing them. Now you have the leverage you need to inform the product roadmap.

How do you get more technical capacity without hiring?

Vivun informs you of Technical Win Rates, Technical Win velocity, team utilization, ideal AE:SE pairings and time spent technical selling - amongst many other KPIs. Now you can identify winning patterns of success to reach revenue targets.

How do you get the right demos and product experiences to the right people?

Vivun tells you which demos and product experiences are required to drive conversation and influence the most revenue. Now you can understand ways to optimize time and resources, and identify winning patterns of success to hit your revenue targets every time.


Vivun Increases Technical Sales Capacity and Impact

HeroScore provides an assessment of the technical fit of opportunities, so you can take action on things that stall and stop revenue.
Product Field Clustering uses GenAI to be an always on army of product specialists who never sleep, and organize your customer feedback from the entire sales force.
Demo Automation removes the time and administrative burden of conducting live product demonstrations and positions everyone to tailor the perfect product experience without wasting time on configuring custom environments.
Know everything there is to know about the Technical Sales process, with insights on workload, capacity, utilization and impact so you can ensure coverage is in place to continue securing technical wins.

Vivun Accelerates Deal Cycles by 31%

Customers who use Vivun understand exactly what it takes to get a deal across the line and replicate those best practices across their entire organization.

"Our CEO and entire product team use the data surfaced by Vivun to help drive the Harness product roadmap."

Jason Eubanks CRO

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