Vivun for Sales Leadership

It Takes Two to Win.

Improve technical coverage of your pipeline and leverage the technical point of view of each opportunity to improve forecast accuracy.


PreSales Holds the Answers to Unlocking Revenue

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What deals are in jeopardy?

How do you know which deals are at risk, and what actions your PreSales team can take to win?

How do you communicate insights from the field to product?

How do you inform the product team of the revenue opportunities, based on conversations PreSales has with prospects and customers?

Need to scale demos but not add more to your SEs plate?

How do you meet the demo demands of the organization but keep your best SEs focused on more strategic responsibilities?

Where should your team be spending their time to close the most new business?

How does your team identify winning patterns of success and hit your revenue targets every time?


Vivun Increases PreSales Capacity and Impact

Hero Score gives you a view of existing opportunities that your sales reps don’t have and a gameplan to take strategic action on the deals that matter most.

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Product-Field Alignment ensures that PreSales teams have a seat at the product development table and can use data to inform and support product decisions.

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Demo Automation scales PreSales teams, removing the time and administrative burden of conducting live product demonstrations. Tailor the perfect experience without wasting time on configuring custom environments.

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Know PreSales workload, capacity, utilization and impact so you can see and demonstrate the value of your PreSales team and ensure coverage is in place to continue securing technical wins.

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Vivun Accelerates Deal Cycles by 31%

Customers who use Vivun understand exactly what it takes to get a deal across the line and replicate those best practices across their entire organization.

The PreSales sentiment on an opportunity allows me and other leader to understand the misalignment between Sales and PreSales or the risk in deals and allows the broader team to corse correct the direction of these individual deals.

Hayden Stafford President & CRO

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