TalkDesk Drives PreSales Strategy with Data Using Vivun

My forecast calls are pretty free of technical objections.


The solution that Vivun provides is a solution that I’ve had to custom build at many other preceding companies.

As a PreSales leader, the last thing you want on a forecast call is to be the reason a deal doesn’t close. So bringing the visibility to the sales organization earlier on in our sales cycle, our technical challenges, allowed us to overcome them more quickly. And that all starts with getting the data that PreSales individuals have which is gold, in a way that’s easy for the sales organization to consume in their lens, and whether our point of view matches what the sales team thinks.

So for example, in my first four quarters on forecast calls, about 70% of the deals we were talking about, were stalled with technical challenges and roadblocks. And then after we put Vivun in place, because we were able to drive those conversations earlier, more organically within the sales team. My forecast calls are pretty clear of technical objections now, because we’ve moved those earlier into the sales cycle discussions.

So in terms of efficiencies with Vivun, the first thing that I think is most important is how it feels for a solution engineer to be accountable for every hour of their day. Having a lot of experience with getting people to log their time, I know that people can get their admin work done in about 5min a week with the calendar integration. In previous exp I’ve seen that take 2-3 hours a week to get that done. Having the calendar integration for Vivun removes some of the key barriers to getting the data you need.

For example, one of the challenges we have…is RFPs. Being able to measure the time that we put on those RFPs, allows us to make smarter decisions about whether or not we should go forward with an opportunity based on the data that we have.

I would describe Vivun as a weapon to use to justify points of view that you probably know are true, but haven’t been able to prove. 

It’s a story based business we live in — and when you back up those stories with data, you put yourself in a position to have a foot forward around planning for your organization, you can make strategic decisions using them.