Zerto Realizes 50% Time and Efficiency Gains with Vivun

I would say there's a 50% savings in efficiency and time.

David Aldrich, Director of PreSales Americas, Zerto


My name is David Aldrich, I am director of PreSals for the Americas at Zerto, a Hewlett-Packard Enterprises company. Customers use Zerto for data protection of their virtualized environments, through continuous data protection, for disaster recovery, cloud mobility, and ransomware recovery.

We’ve been using Vivun for roughly two years at this point. When we started looking at the Vivun platform, it really, to me stood out that I could actually have the data, the metrics, the analytics, to then go back to the business, and really start to put a stamp on our brand inside the organization.

We had developed technical stages in Salesforce that we’re able to easily import into the Vivun platform, which give us the increased visibility into where’s our technical win? Where are gaps in the business? Where’s our technical risk in the business? 

We also went through and looked at the analytics and really started using that to our advantage to build out a technical forecast, so that we could sit side by side with our sales counterparts, sales leadership, and say, Hey, here’s where we see the business today. 

It also allowed us to track metrics across activity. Where are our SEs spending time? Are they spending the right amount of time? Where are they spending time in the wrong places, and also utilization from that standpoint as well, just to make sure that our teams are utilized effectively across the sales organization.

I know it’s saved our PreSales team a lot of hours, because now they have that single pane of glass where they can input their notes. They don’t have to go to many fields in Salesforce, as it used to be historically. I would say there’s probably a 50% savings in efficiency and time.

One of the biggest surprises to me was how effective it was, even in a short period of time with Vivun, it really allowed us to shine a spotlight on the SE organization and where the other metrics were coming from, to go and drive conversations with the CRO, the VP of Sales and really partner with the sales side more effectively from that perspective. 

It’s made our jobs 90% easier.