Exceed Buyer Expectations

CROs love Vivun because it Unlocks Revenue Driven by PreSales

Vivun transforms the PreSales team from demo-wielding sales assistants into strategic, revenue-accelerating stewards of the buyer experience.

Know what it Takes to Win

Vivun uses data science to identify which deliverables, activities, and team members close more business. Learn what works in deals and hands-on evaluations. Accelerate, win, and repeat.

Find more Money

What happens when new features are released that could revive deals? Generally nothing. Vivun delivers real-time updates to solution experts so they can grab the money left on the table when gaps are closed.

Ship Products that Sell

Buyer needs are packaged and made actionable to help R&D build the features that sell. Vivun ties feedback from the field to deals, revenue, and industry trends so Product can move quickly and confidently.

Reality Check the Forecast

Sales forecasts are influenced by “happy ears.” Vivun uses AI to measure and inform the technical strength of a deal, driving focus on what it takes to beat your commits and consistently smash targets.

"With Vivun, my PreSales leaders show me exactly where they are impacting revenue. This enables us to adapt our strategies to improve win rates, move faster, and close more business."

Ed Calnan CRO