PreSales at the Center of Influence

CROs love Vivun because it Maximizes their Team’s Attainment

When rep attainment has plateaued and existing deals are mission-critical, CROs turn to Vivun to unlock the power of their PreSales team.

Find More Money

PreSales can identify paths to revenue for CROs through their ability to drive deals to closure and nail the tech win through Vivun’s family of products.

Influence the Product Roadmap

The Product team needs to build the features that help the Field sell more. Vivun ties feedback from the field to deals, revenue, and industry trends.

Nail Every POC

With Vivun, CROs can accelerate deal cycles by ensuring that POCs are fast and flawless. Set traps for competitors while building buyer trust.

More Sales Demos Without More Headcount

Massively scale your demo capabilities without having to invest in headcount. Put personalized, fully interactive demos in the hands of your prospects

"Our CEO and entire product team use the data surfaced by Vivun to help drive the Harness product roadmap."

Jason Eubanks CRO Harness