Xpert Series:

How to Close the Customer Feedback Loop with Product Gaps

60 Min

Whether you’re working in PreSales, PostSales, or Product, you’re no stranger to feature requests and product gaps. Every team has a unique experience when it comes to gap analysis and different priorities. If you carry a quota on sales or lead the product strategy, the question remains the same at the end of the day: how do you prioritize and organize feedback to create the most value for your customers?

Join our virtual session with Vivun’s Sales Engineering and Product team to learn how they built a Product Gap Triage Team and address concerns to meet the needs of both teams. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Start an open dialogue to create product and field alignment
  • Establish a cadence to meet, prioritize and communicate updates on product gaps
  • A crawl, walk, run strategy to growing your triage team over time

You’ll walk away from this live workshop with clear guidelines and templates to take back to your team and start your own triage team.

Guest Speakers

Elaine Perez

Senior Product Manager, Vivun

Katherine Giroux

Sales Engineer & Product Gap Ringleader, Vivun


Welcome & Introducitons

Challenges with Capturing Feature Requests

Building a Product Gap Triage Team

Q & A

Raffle & Networking


Why should I join?

This event will be packed full of great insights and learnings around capturing feature requests, product gaps, or whatever you call them and prioritizing for success.

You can expect great insights as well as networking with fellow PreSales executives.

We will also be providing templates to building your own p-gap triage team and raffling off some special prizes at the end!

Can I invite my coworker?

Absolutely—the more, the merrier.

Please feel free to share the event with a few of your team members who you think might also get some value out of this conversation.