PreSales at the Center of Influence

Product Leaders Get Real-Time Insights to Grow Market Size and Capture Market Share

Product needs a real-time pulse on buyer needs. PreSales is the team that can deliver it.

Settle Arguments with Data

How should the team prioritize features? Market research, surveys, or listening to “the loudest voice in the room”? Vivun enables Product to act on data, not anecdotes, to make decisions with confidence.

Deliver Products that Sell

Vivun product intelligence is tied directly to in-flight opportunities and expansions. The Product team knows what to build in order to arm Sales with an unfair advantage.

Build Lasting Differentiation

Help see where the market is going, and make sure your roadmap is prepared. Vivun equips Product teams with analytics that help them spot trends across industries, competition, and time.

Faster Feedback Loops

Vivun’s tight integrations with systems like Jira create incredible alignment between Product and the field. When Product builds critical new features, the field is immediately notified.

"Vivun has allowed us to prioritize enhancements that we would otherwise have missed. One of those features has positively affected ACV of over $5 million dollars."

Matt Hunter VP Products