Hero Volume 3 | A Vivun Product Story

Stepping Into the Center of Influence

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It's time to transform the buying experience, and the Solutions team is the group to do it. Hero Volume 3 helps them understand what buyers need, communicate undeniable value, and keep Sales aligned with R&D.

Grab Your Hero Gear

Vivun Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Dive into the Hero Chronicles

We do releases a bit differently at Vivun. Read the rest of our product stories to go deeper into how Vivun elevates Solutions teams.

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Enhanced Vivun Features

Technical Funnel

See what the team's doing at a glance and hone in on what's needed to win using Solutions-specific stages and relevant information synced from CRM.

Deal Insights

Go deeper on the AI-powered Hero Score® with a clear rationale for how likely a deal is to close. Get actionable advice on how to mitigate risks and secure the win.

Product Gap Intelligence

Highlight patterns in product feedback to quickly surface roadmap priorities and find solutions for buyers, using Vivun's patented artificial intelligence.

Deal Revival®

Uncover revenue the moment Product ships features that were previously deal breakers. Tailored alerts empower the team to re-engage with buyers at the right time.