Attend UNXPCTD to Redefine the Buyer Experience

Perri Bronson

Mark your calendar–November 9th, 2022, for Vivun’s next virtual conference, UNXPCTD 🎉

Last spring, go-to-market leaders gathered to share ideas for how to reach today’s sales-proof buyers and challenge the norms of B2B selling. This time around, we’re bringing you a full day of sessions to arm the community with new frameworks and solutions to redefine the buyer experience, starting with our keynote speaker, Andy Raskin.

Even if you don’t know Andy, chances are you’ve read his viral post, “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen,” which leaders around the world have embraced as their go-to framework for crafting the story their teams tell—what Andy calls a “strategic narrative.”  Differentiating and staying on top today requires not just solving buyers’ problems, but also giving them context on why solving those problems matters, and that’s what strategic narratives do. After decades as an entrepreneur, technologist and GTM leader, Andy has spent the last eight years helping venture-backed CEOs build strategic narratives and align their teams around them. He’s also led strategic narrative training at Salesforce, Square, Uber, IBM, and General Assembly. If you agree with a growing number of Solutions Org leaders that delivering an incredible buyer experience starts not with memorizing a kill sheet (that will be outdated in a week) but by telling a compelling story about your buyers’ world, don’t miss Andy’s talk.

UNXPCTD is a day of value-packed sessions that will cover topics ranging from a vision for the future of Solutions Organizations (Sales Engineers, PreSales, Solutions Consultants, and more) to Vivun product announcements and practical guides, including how to measure your company’s buyer experience. We’re bringing in thought leaders from some of our community’s top brands, including Elastic, Zoom, Domo, and Pendo.

A Few Session Highlights

Learn new leadership and team development approaches from Oliver Oursin, Elastic’s VP of Solution Architecture, EMEA. Oliver will be joining us to discuss how to turn a group of technologists into the buyer’s trusted advisors. Attendees will walk out of the session with tools for coaching team members to go beyond the technical details to build customer relationships and take greater ownership of the buyer experience. 

Everyone touts the importance of being data-driven. But knowing where to start as a frontline manager can be tricky. Emily Dunn, Senior Manager of Sales Engineering at, will share how she is evolving her strategy with the data she gets from Vivun. You’ll get practical advice for measuring the metrics that matter, managing team processes, and scaling resource allocation. As the sixteenth employee of Pendo, now a one-thousand-person company, Emily knows a thing or two about rapid growth. Join her session to hear how she championed and implemented Vivun.

The best Solutions Org leaders master the delicate balance of working with their Sales counterparts. Don’t miss Shawn Rolin’s talk, the Head of Technology and Global Solution Engineering at Zoom, if you want to build stronger partnerships with Sales to elevate Solutions teams, align resources, and delight customers throughout the process. He will share insights from over 20 years of experience as both a consumer and provider of technology. Before Zoom, Shawn worked at Cisco Systems, where he led Systems Engineering, among other functions.

How does aligning Sales with R&D contribute to an amazing buyer experience? The obvious answer is this—when what you’re selling mirrors what your buyer needs, they will buy more and choose more confidently. Join Chris Streit, VP of Solution Consulting and Industry Principals at Domo, for strategies to collect, analyze, and share product gap insights across your organization. Ultimately, you’ll walk away from Chris’ talk with a blueprint for giving your Solutions Org a voice in the Product Roadmap.

Something BIG is coming, and you don’t want to miss it.

If you’re familiar with the Vivun platform, then you probably know that we have a family of products powering Solutions Organizations to deliver incredible buyer experiences. Our first product, Hero, is strategically positioned between the worlds of Product Management (e.g., Jira, Github, etc.) and Sales CRM, serving as the “home” for Solutions teams–where their collective intelligence is turned into AI-powered insights for deal velocity and product innovation. We’ve got something new on the horizon that we’ll be introducing at the conference.

Save your virtual seat to find out what’s next for the Vivun platform at UNXPCTD.

Perri Bronson August 17, 2022