Eval Volume 1 | A Vivun Product Story

The Mission to Transform a
Buyer's Experience

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Delight B2B buyers with transparency, trust, and differentiation. Eval by Vivun® connects vendors and buyers for success by providing a blueprint for winning evaluations in record-breaking time.

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Win with Trust and Transparency

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Release Highlights


A single, dedicated place to manage evaluations, drive alignment, and create a transparent buying experience.


Define customer needs, create mutual accountability, and track progress towards sign-off when criteria are met.


Internal stakeholders and guests from the buyers’ side join the workspace to align both parties and build trust.


Centralize, categorize, and reuse requirements to scale best practices, set competitive traps, and show value faster.


Communicate across the evaluation teams’ internal and guest members to nail requirements, tasks, and goals.


Drive alignment and accountability with multi-party sign-off on requirements and the status of your workspace.