PreSales plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between product innovation and customer satisfaction. As technology advances, markets shift, and customer expectations increase, the effectiveness of PreSales is crucial for organizational success.

Stay ahead in today’s ever-changing business climate and arm yourself with the right insights to drive revenue growth, enhance customer experiences, and build strong client relationships via PreSales.

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The State of PreSales 2024 report offers valuable insights into current trends, challenges, and best practices for this critical function. This guide serves as a compass for industry leaders and practitioners to navigate through an environment where innovation, efficiency, and customer focus are paramount. The data highlighted in this report demonstrates the changing nature of PreSales and its impact on people, processes, and technology while addressing economic challenges in B2B tech and the rise of PreSales software.

What's in the Report

Organizational Structure

PreSales teams were not immune to the challenges presented by the economic downturn in 2023. Gain insights into effective structures that enable PreSales leaders to meet the demands of a dynamic market environment.

Budgeting & Planning

PreSales teams are witnessing a notable shift in financial priorities. The surge in the importance of the PreSales function has translated into an upward trajectory in budgets allocated to these crucial teams.

PreSales Time Allocation

PreSales team members have a wide range of responsibilities, with the plurality of their time spent on the activity they were primarily hired to do: product demonstrations. Our research showcases a breakdown of where time is spent on doing more than demos.

Demos & Product Experiences

While product demonstrations and creating compelling product experiences from prospects and customers are not the only activities Sales Engineers perform, they remain the primary deliverable from Sales Engineers. Products with rapid development cycles move at a pace that Sales Engineers can find difficult to keep up with, which puts go-to-market execution at risk, particularly in competitive markets.

Technical Forecasting

Sales Engineers have proven their value in the sales forecasting process, particularly through the strategic integration of processes and tools. This approach not only provides revenue leadership better visibility, but allows for teams to make adjustments in moving resources away from opportunities unlikely to close as anticipated towards opportunities that would benefit from the technical expertise of Sales Engineers.

Product - Field Alignment

The synergy between PreSales and Product Management is a critical component for success. The collaborative exchange of information ensures that the development trajectory aligns with market demands, enhances product-market fit, and ultimately contributes to the overall success of the product in meeting customer needs. ever-evolving landscape of product evolution.

PreSales Enablement

In the evolving landscape of revenue organizations, Sales Enablement has emerged as a well-funded and strategically crucial function, recognized for its pivotal role in enhancing overall sales performance. However, a noteworthy observation arises when examining the relationship between Sales Enablement and the PreSales team function.