Eval Volume 2 | A Vivun Product Story

Taking the Buyer Experience
to the Next Level

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Accelerate deals with lasting customers. Eval by Vivun® connects vendors and buyers with a streamlined workspace for collaborative, transparent, and efficient evaluations.

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Vivun Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Take the Original Trip with The Evaluators

Check out volume 1 to find out about Eval by Vivun®, and how The Evaluators first started to transform the future of B2B buying.

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Release Highlights

Buyer Onboarding

Seamlessly bring multiple stakeholders into the evaluation, building consensus and trust at every step.

Import Requirements

Pre-populate a workspace with a couple of clicks by ingesting evaluation criteria from an external source.

Aggregate Actions

Filter workspace requirements and take bulk actions on their respective tasks to keep work streams on track.

Voting & Feedback

Stakeholders vote on their satisfaction with a requirement for transparency on how it is performing in the deal.