Hero Volume 1 | A Vivun Product Story

The AI-Powered PreSales 
Revolution Begins

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Excel in the cross-functional demands on your PreSales team with the collective intelligence and automation in Hero by Vivun®. Ava brings the AI-advantage to life in the data science that underpins our platform.

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Vivun Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn How AI Powers
Hero by Vivun®

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Release Highlights

Calendar Intelligence

Remove the team's burden of tracking work on specific deals. Automatically identify when scheduled calendar events belong to sales opportunities.

Hero Score

Elevate the technical conscience of every deal with explainable AI. Leverage critical PreSales inputs like product fit, differentiation, and competition.

Product Gap Clustering

Accelerate product insights when patterns and trends emerge from feedback collected in the field. Streamline review, prioritization, and development.

Product Gap Analysis

Automatically search, match, and avoid duplicating product gaps on the fly when capturing feature requests from prospective buyers and customers.