Vivun for Sales Engineers

Stress Less, Win More.

“Do more with less” shouldn't mean more manual and tedious work for the SE. You need a solution to efficiency manage your work and know where your time is best spent to close business.


You’ve Got a Metric Ton on Your Plate

See in Action

Constantly needing to track your work in systems not built to support your team's unique work??

You’re a Sales Engineer—don't let administrative tasks steal your valuable time.

Ready to automate overview demos and unlock time to strategize on winnable deals?

You do so much more than demo.

Sick of filling out copious amounts of custom fields in Salesforce (and having to scroll all the way to the bottom to find them)?

We know Salesforce was never built with your workflow in mind.

Doing everything you can to close deals but getting blocked by product gaps?

You need a way to show the Product team what customers are really asking for.


Vivun Provides Clarity into PreSales

Work all your deals from your Technical Funnel, framed according to your workflow. No duplicating data entry in Salesforce—our bidirectional integration takes care of that.

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The Hero Score uses PreSales-specific AI models to quantify the health of your opportunities from the technical perspective, and SE Copilot provides clear and specific next steps on how to win your deals .

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Document and cluster feature requests and product gaps, and leverage AI to automatically search and match existing records. Map those feature requests to accounts for a clear picture of what product investments drive the most revenue impact and get alerted when new features have been delivered.

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Capture the front end of your product and quickly build interactive, immersive product experiences. Customize text, tooltips, and clickpaths to tailor your guides to buyers, or add video and images to the flow for additional, personalized context.

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Vivun helps SEs unlock 10% more time for their most valuable activities.

Your time is valuable. Vivun helps you get back to selling and working with customers and spend last time managing administrative tasks.

Sales Engineers Grow with Vivun

Ready to level up?

You deserve a solution that has been developed to meet your unique needs so you can excel at all facets of your role, including but certainly not limited to demos. Take a look at the platform and see what you’re missing.