Introducing VivunOne: Everything PreSales Needs to Grow Revenue, Delight Customers, and Change the Game 

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While the sales engineers and solutions consultants of the world might have previously been relegated to the role of demo jockey and sales assistant, PreSales teams everywhere are breaking out of that mold. They’re connecting customer needs with product capabilities to close more deals, helping Product drive more revenue-centric roadmaps, and helping Sales and RevOps leaders grow revenue more efficiently with insights from the technical sales process. 

No revenue happens without close collaboration between Sales and PreSales, but there’s a fundamental mismatch in how the two departments are supported by their companies. 

According to Gartner, revenue leaders spent over $19B on revenue technologies spanning intelligence, engagement, and enablement in 2022—but none of these solutions are designed for the unique work that sales engineers do. 

Instead, PreSales is constantly asked to run their workflows using a disparate array of tools that was never designed with them in mind. A regular day for a sales engineer involves juggling CRM, spreadsheets, note-taking apps, video editing software, time trackers, demo sandboxes and more, just to get ready for the simplest of selling activities. 

To deliver the transformative outcomes their companies are asking for, PreSales needs technology that can amplify the incredible work they do. 

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of VivunOne—the first AI-powered platform that provides PreSales with a complete set of tools and insights to effectively engage customers and drive growth. 

What is VivunOne?

VivunOne brings together Vivun’s industry-leading products, capabilities, and integrations under a single platform that supports end-to-end PreSales workflows. 

  • PreSales Operations offers users the ability to execute, measure, and scale critical PreSales workflows. 
  • Product Alignment ties feature requests to revenue impact that inform roadmap changes and revive revenue pursuits.  
  • Demo Automation enables PreSales to increase capacity and win over key stakeholders by delivering fully interactive demos at scale that can be tailored to prospects. 
  • Xpert Analytics provides insights for growth and demonstrates PreSales’ impact by drawing upon a new set of go-to-market data. 

Furthermore, VivunOne is backed by SE Copilot™, which harnesses the power of Generative AI to act as a powerful assistant for the PreSales team, and the Vivun Intelligence System, an AI domain model for PreSales built on our team’s decades of PreSales experience, thousands of sales opportunities, and over 3 million PreSales team activities tracked in Vivun. 

One place for PreSales to call home 

A sales engineer preparing for customer calls might have had to compare call notes in Google Docs, speaker notes in Powerpoint, and the mutual action plan in Quip, then spend several hours configuring a demo environment for each of the customers they’re presenting to. 

After importing fake data to try and make some application dashboards look believable, they turn to video recording software to create short clips that can be shared with the prospect afterwards. 

All of that activity has to be logged by hand, and there’s no way of knowing how different efforts relate to each other. 

With VivunOne, PreSales team members can see their entire technical funnel at a glance, alongside their tasks for the day in PreSales Operations, then start building demos in Demo Automation with the click of a button, or pull up a visualization of product gaps in Product Alignment to bring to a meeting with Product Management. Instead of needing to log activities manually, everything is automatically synced to the right opportunities based on each sales engineer’s calendar. 

For the longest time, PreSales has never had a platform to call their own—until now. Read more about VivunOne here

Aaron Sun Avatar photo October 4, 2023