Unveiling Tech Sales Insights: Leveling Up Technical Sales Execution

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B2B sales is a highly competitive environment. 

As each organization navigates through shifts and dynamics, leaders are in constant pursuit of insights that help them perform and execute more effectively. 

Team Vivun is proud to bring Technical Sales Insights to the market, helping leaders level up technical sales execution. TSI not only illuminates current trends but also provides invaluable guidance for navigating the complexities of modern sales processes.

In addition to providing these insights on a monthly basis, we’ll also provide our point of view on them, helping you make more informed decisions, faster.

For example, the number one question we get from our customers and prospects alike is what is the ideal AE:SE staffing ratio. 

While many factors play a role in determining what is right for your organization, Technical Sales Insights uses Vivun customer data to inform thinking here, and tells us that amongst our customer base, there are 2.91 Account Executives for every Sales Engineer. 

You can contrast this with survey data from other sources that suggest 4:1 is an effective ratio, but when you consider that with an increasing number of tech-savvy decision-makers entering the fray, sales teams must adapt to effectively communicate the value of innovative products. Moreover, fostering deeper client relationships, even post-sale, has become imperative in an era where customer retention is paramount.

Seeing a “flatter” ratio doesn’t surprise us – our customers tend to build and sell some of the most innovative products on the planet, and require the rich and deep technical expertise that Sales Engineers bring to the table. 

We also explore KPis like Days to Tech Win, where we look at how long it takes (on average) for our customers to secure the Technical Win. We can also contrast this with Technical Win Rates vs. Closed Won Rates to see if our customers are becoming more effective in converting technical selection into revenue.  

We understand that not all organizations are structured equally, and it’s our goal to provide these insights as a jumping off point for discussion. Should you find that you’re not seeing the same revenue impact from your Sales Engineering team as our customers, we’d love to have a conversation with you on ways to measure and demonstrate impact. If you’re a customer – you’re likely competitive – and want to see where you stack up relative to your similarly sized and structured peers, we’d also love to have a conversation.

In the world of Technical Sales Execution, steel sharpens steel. This discipline gets better when we level up our people, our processes and our platforms. 

TSI serves as a beacon of insight in an increasingly complex sales landscape. By leveraging these insights, organizations can adapt to evolving trends, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success in the dynamic world of B2B sales.

Jarod Greene Avatar photo April 24, 2024