The 3 Presales Metrics That Matter

Matt Darrow Matt Darrow

Presales leaders are familiar with the same story.  The business wants to add quota carrying sales reps, yet no one is sure how many presales team members need to be hired to support them.  Add in multiple product lines, complex sales processes, new geographies, and the challenge escalates.

Unfortunately, planning is typically driven by little more than a cost conscious spreadsheet.  What is the smallest number of presales resources we can hire to support the maximum number of sales reps?

So why are so many companies asking their presales teams to support four, five, even ten sales reps per presales team member while others have two presales team members per one sales rep?

Why are companies asking a single presales team member to be an expert in the technology, the industry, and the business value model across all product lines while others have four to five presales roles within the same team?

It’s because businesses are unclear how to quantify the work and impact of presales while gathering the data needed to make the most important decisions when it comes to growth efficiency:  What roles, skills, and activities lead to the biggest deals in the shortest time frame at the lowest cost?

Matt Darrow Matt Darrow July 9, 2020