The Solution Engineer’s Survival Guide to Dreamforce 2022

Whitney Foley

Dreamforce is back in person for the first time in almost three years! That means the booths are back, the meetings are back, the parties are back, and the art of navigating it all. In case this is your first time attending Dreamforce, one of the world’s largest software conferences, or you just need a refresher after two years off, we have you covered. Below is a quick guide for Solution Consultants, Sales Engineers, or PreSales leaders to not only survive Dreamforce 2022 but thrive.

1. The Booth: Surviving and Thriving

Stay Mobile: Dreamforce means a LOT of walking, whether to meetings or standing on the show floor. Make sure to bring comfy shoes (black if you are working a booth). A few options: 

Have a Backup Plan: Solution Org leaders have a designated leader assigned to troubleshoot any staffing issues that come up during the event. What can go wrong will and you may have to move staff around to cover a shift on the fly. Better to have a designated point person.

Be Ontime:  Always build a buffer into your travel time during Dreamforce. It will take twice as long to get anywhere during the event. The fastest mode of transportation with traffic is walking or a pedicab. 

Take care of yourself: It’s hard to get time for food or water during Dreamforce, there is a lot going on and a lot of people. Come prepared with the below survival kit:

  • Stay Hydrated – Pack a space-saving water bottle, I’d recommend an option that fits in a laptop bag such as this.
  • Keep Energy Up – Stock up on granola bars, string cheese, nuts, 4 hr energy or any snack that will fit in a backpack. There is a Trader Joe’s near Moscone that you can stop by when you arrive in San Francisco.
  • Stay Connected – Bring a portable phone charger, your phone is a lifeline at Dreamforce and you will need to keep it charged. Moscone has limited plugs to charge your phone, better be prepared and bring a portable charger.

2. Parties & Networking

  • Marathon not a Sprint: Don’t go too hard the first night, Dreamforce is three jam-packed evenings of networking. Bring Advil for the day after the concert for meetings or working the booth. 
  • Be Kind: You registered in advance and showed up on time but the event is at capacity, what do you do? Remember folks working the door have had a long day at Dreamforce too and are just following orders. Be kind. You are much more likely to get into a party by being nice than pulling the “Do you know who I am?” card. 

3. Meetings after Meetings after Meetings: 

  • Cell Hotspot: Make sure your cell phone has wifi hotspot capabilities, you don’t want to be in the middle of a demo and the wifi goes out. 
  • Be Prepared: Bring a bottle of water and breath mints, notebook, & pen for follow-up notes.

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Learn & Explore!

Don’t forget to take time at Dreamforce to learn about new solutions and network with other leaders in your field. 

  • Book your Meeting Today – Vivun was designed by PreSales for PreSales. Secure time with our executives at Dreamforce to explore how you can scale the efforts of your team, bring predictability to the forecast and provide buyers the autonomy they need. Let’s talk more. 
  • Register for Vivun Executive Dinner – Join us for the first Solutions Org executive dinner at Dreamforce on Tue 9/20 at the new 1 Hotel in San Francisco. Vivun founders, Matt Darrow & John Bruce, will share how to elevate the role of the Solutions Org and turn it into a strategic business unit. 

Whitney Foley September 14, 2022