CEO, Matt Darrow Shares his Vision for Vivun

Matt Darrow Matt Darrow

We started Vivun to change B2B selling as we knew it. Buyers have become sales-proof. They demand transparency in the product and the process, and to meet their demands you need to deliver brand new experiences. It means giving them immediate access to products that fit—letting them engage with your solutions experts from the very first step. Sharing accountability, providing transparency, and independence for them to sell internally when you’re not in the room or on the Zoom. This is why we created the industry’s first Buyer Experience (BX) platform. The family of products that allows B2B companies of any shape and size to deliver incredible experiences for today’s sales-proof buyers. Within your organization, Vivun puts your technical selling organization at the center of influence. They are the Solutions experts that help you drive revenue for your business and are the perfect champions to make this transformation.

Matt Darrow Matt Darrow August 11, 2022