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Product Stories are how Vivun showcases our latest advancements and the value of our products while being fun to read. This time, we’re continuing the story of the Hero Chronicles with an issue that shows how solutions experts truly own the buyer experience. 

Hero Volume 3—Stepping into the Center of Influence Across Sales and Product

Hero Volume 1 showed how our protagonist, Hero, got superpowers with AI and automation to  emerge as a leader revolutionizing how she and her peers worked deals and aggregated product feedback. The next issue followed M, a manager who overcame his bureaucratic struggles to protect his team’s time and secure the resources they need, when Hero provides the nudge that he needs to break free. 

Our latest comic showcases how the solutions team belongs at the strategic core of the business, and walks the fine line between technical know-how and an insurmountable list of business demands. In volume 3, Hero reality checks the revenue forecast with a laser focus on an at-risk deal. She leads her Sales partner to uncover what their buyer truly needs, influences Product to prioritize a critical feature, and helps re-engage with the buyer when it ships. 

With enhancements to existing Hero features and newly patented advancements in Vivun’s AI-powered Buyer Experience platform, Hero Volume 3 gives Solutions Organizations greater insight into the health of their deals, highlights roadmap priorities for Product, and enables solutions team members to close the loop with customers at the right time. 

The story kicks off in an all too familiar setting, a high stakes forecast call at the end of the quarter. An AE commits an opportunity to close, expressing confidence that their buyer will get a deal done—but Hero has a different opinion, and it’s clear as the forecast discussion progresses that she and her Sales partner aren’t aligned. 

Even the best teams can mistakenly assume they’re in lockstep with their buyers when the reality is quite different—and having a data-driven way to add the Solutions Org’s input to the sales forecast helps greatly. 

As Toby Penn, VP of PreSales at Recorded Future explains, “Sales can sometimes fall victim to ‘happy ears’—you want a repeatable, credible way to enter into that conversation with [Solutions] perspective.” Acting on her initial instincts, Hero opens the Technical Funnel to hone in on exactly what’s happening with the deal, and sees a number of challenges that guide what she does next. 

Acting as a trusted advisor to both her account executive and the buyer, Hero provides her Account Executive with insights into the health of the deal, and captures product feedback coming from the buyer to relay back to R&D. 

She advises the AE to be transparent with their buyer about a need their product isn’t ready to address, and they decide to put the engagement on hold, reaching out once Product has closed the gap. 

At Vivun, we believe that only solutions experts can deliver the experience today’s sales-proof buyers demand. Hero Volume 3 provides Solutions teams with the insights to see what their buyers truly want, communicate value, and keep Sales aligned with R&D. 

Superpowered Swag

As with our previous Product Stories releases, Hero Volume 3 launches with another round of special collectibles, with art from the comic featured on t-shirts, a unique pair of shoes, and an NFT

We’ll be donating the entirety of proceeds from the sale of the NFT to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization committed to closing the gender gap in technology. 

Rise Above and Deliver Amazing Buying Experiences

B2B buying has changed, and today’s Solutions organizations have an incredible opportunity to elevate their role, drive growth at their companies, and take a seat at the executive table. Read the entirety of Hero Volume 3 here, or check out the rest of our Product Stories to see more heroes in action. 

Aaron Sun Avatar photo August 23, 2022