New Releases from Vivun Enable Solutions Teams to Accelerate the Buying Process

Vivun Products Hero and Eval Empower Go-to-Market Teams to Deliver Exceptional Experiences for Today’s Sales-Proof Buyers

Sep 14, 2022

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Vivun unleashes two powerful product stories designed to help companies deliver exceptional buyer experiences. Hero Volume 3 showcases new features that sharpen the Solution Organization’s ability to understand and shape the sales cycle and product roadmap. Eval Volume 2 helps team members guide their buyers through complex and delicate vendor evaluations. Together, the products represent Vivun’s commitment to a multi-product platform designed to accelerate the ability for B2B organizations to close business and capture market share.

“Vivun was always designed to be a platform where individual products stand alone to deliver great value, and can be used together to add exceptional value,” said Matt Darrow, Vivun co-founder & CEO. “I’m proud of our product and engineering teams and their tireless output, which has culminated in the pair of innovative releases we’re celebrating today.”

Hero by Vivun® Volume 3

Hero is the first AI-powered solution that delivers expert insights into the health of every deal, the ability to drive alignment between what’s happening in the field and R&D, and signals when to re-engage with buyers at the right time. It’s time to transform the buyer experience, and the Solutions team is the strategic group that’s uniquely positioned to do it. Volume 3 gives Solutions Organizations insights into what their buyers truly need, communicate undeniable value, and keep Sales aligned with R&D.

Among the Hero product story highlights:

  • Enhanced Technical Funnel: View opportunities through a lens built for Solutions teams, enabling them to hone in on their work and track progress toward their objectives like the technical win and ultimately to close business.
  • Deal Insights: AI-powered guidance for Sales and Revenue leaders to understand what can be done to improve the likelihood of winning based on the technical merits of a deal, and acting as a “reality check” on the sales forecast.
  • Product Gap Intelligence: Highlight patterns in product feedback to quickly surface roadmap priorities and find solutions for buyers, using Vivun’s patented AI and ML driven automation for product gap clustering and display.
  • Deal Revival®: Alert the Solutions team to dormant opportunities ready to be revived as soon as their respective product gaps are closed, potentially uncovering millions of dollars in missed revenue.

Eval by Vivun® Volume 2

In Eval’s second volume, new buyer onboarding features enable users to effortlessly join their vendors in a transparent, collaborative workspace supporting hands-on evaluations and buying decisions. Now, Eval can quickly import requirements from external sources. Stakeholders can also vote to assess their criteria, letting the Solutions team monitor progress, build consensus, and establish trust throughout the engagement.

A few of the core capabilities in the release include:

  • Buyer Onboarding: A seamless experience for buyers entering an evaluation with a vendor gaining consensus and trust every step of the way.
  • Import Requirements: Stakeholder requirements can be added easily from external sources to accelerate the evaluation and keep the vendor in sync with the buyer’s full list of needs and expectations.
  • Voting & Feedback: Stakeholders vote on their satisfaction with how their requirements are performing creating transparency throughout the evaluation.
  • Aggregate Actions: The team can filter workspace requirements and quickly take bulk actions on their respective tasks to keep work streams on track.

To build trust, shape success, and win deals faster, Eval reflects the needs and wants of the new “sales-proof buyer,” explains Darrow. “Modern B2B buyers don’t want to be sold to. They’ve been burned too many times. You aren’t going to sway them with recorded sales calls or sequenced emails. What they want most of all is honesty and transparency,” he said. “Eval is an essential evolution of the buyer experience.”

Hero and Eval are powered by Vivun’s unique Buyer Experience platform, which provides a reliable and secure data layer, automation driven by Machine Learning (ML), and insights powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) clearly explained using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). For more information on both products, visit Vivun’s website here.

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Vivun is a global provider of Buyer Experience (BX) software. Its AI-powered platform supports a family of products that enables B2B businesses to meet the demands of today’s sales-proof buyer, differentiate from the competition, and accelerate revenue. With the Solutions organization at the forefront of the buyer experience, companies can align Sales with Product, provide repeatable workflows for the team, deliver on-demand product expertise, and win more deals with transparency and trust. Leaders at Okta, Autodesk, Dell, Snowflake, Elastic, Fivetran, and Harness are powering incredible buyer experiences with Vivun. To learn more visit

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