Remote, But Not Distant: A Reflection on Team and Culture at Vivun

Claira Sieverding Kapraun Avatar photo

It’s that season, and we at Vivun are reflecting on all we’ve done over the past year as we plan for the next one. As a 100% remote company, one major highlight from a people and culture standpoint has been the cherished times we spent together IRL. Vivun’s team events are meant to encourage great employee relationships, celebrate successes, and enrich our community by allowing us to get to know each other in different contexts.

Our in-person experiences are part of the bigger vision. At Vivun, we seek to create an experience that empowers our Heroes (aka employees) with the resources they need to contribute to, inform and inspire solutions consultant professionals to make them more productive and successful by powering incredible buying experiences for every B2B company.

As part of our commitment to a best in class remote work culture, we recognize the importance of seeing each other in person as well. These company events are designed to build camaraderie, teamwork, and adventure! Everyone at Vivun is well equipped to excel in their work remotely. So, we do not expect our Heroes to spend this rare time that we get together listening to long presentations or doing intensive projects with their teams. The focus is on building interpersonal relationships.

All too often, in a digital environment, we hop on Zoom and get directly into the details of our work. Sometimes, people forget to connect with each other personally when we aren’t in person. At Vivun, we aim to create unique opportunities to bond over memorable experiences that focus solely on bonding with our teammates. 

Another critical aspect of these events is the location we select. Our planning team intentionally curates an experience our Heroes may not have otherwise planned for themselves. Whether it’s skiing down the highest mountain peaks, blissing out in a tranquil forest setting, or meeting a need for speed on jet skis, our goal is to expose our team to a variety of locations, cultures, and experiences.

Vivun en Vivo 2022 Regional Offsites

Recently, we gathered the teams in regional groups across North America and Europe. It’s pretty magical when Vivun Heroes find themselves in one place, so I wanted to share some of the fantastic things they did together.

Our East coasters from Florida to Indiana, New York, Louisiana, and beyond made their way to beautiful Stowe, Vermont, to spend a few days together this autumn. In addition to group meals, and team-building activities, folks could branch off to enjoy the foliage in their preferred style of relaxation.

Stowe, Vermont

One group chose to experience the local scene through their senses in a “Best of Stowe,” a tour that included a tour of the town, local crafting, and maple syrup sampling. A few adventure seekers opted to take in their surroundings by horseback. Another cohort hit the hiking trails to explore the famous Vermont forests and found themselves at the Von Trapp Estate. As it turned out, “all roads lead to Rome” in this neck of the woods, and everyone reconvened at that same beer hall for a bite and a beverage to celebrate a day well spent.

Ericeira, Portugal, was the destination for our teammates in Ukraine, India, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Sweden. Again, we made sure to give the crew a couple of different options when it came to activities. Our aquatic adventurers hit the world renowned Ribeira D’Ilhas beach for surfing lessons, while the land lovers toured the town to experience the local cafes and shopping.

Ericeira, Portugal

Lastly, we gathered in Truckee, California, to enjoy Lake Tahoe with our US West coasters from Texas to Colorado and Washington to Arizona. As with the other two locations, we wanted to take the group somewhere outdoorsy, fun, and exciting. This time, some folks opted to take a high ropes course, and others hiked the granite slopes of Sierra Nevada Mountains. Another group hit the lake to just chill while a few got their adrenaline pumping on the available watercraft.

Lake Tahoe, California

Reflecting on a dynamic year of running team experiences at Vivun, one thing has remained true. Taking care of our people is taking care of our culture. In bringing our fun and authentic selves to life at Vivun, there are some critical ingredients: empathy, dedication, iteration, and executive leadership support.

A leadership team that understands there are no shortcuts in getting the Hero experience right in creating an impactful culture because culture’s a business tool, not an HR tool. From the top down, we invest time, passion, and attention into making the Hero experience remarkable. Our culture is a living, breathing culture that will grow and adapt along with us, and we all have a role to play in making this best in class remote.

Check out our culture page to learn more about our team at Vivun.

Claira Sieverding Kapraun Avatar photo November 23, 2022