ServiceTitan Targets Millions in Pipeline Leveraging Vivun’s Product-Field Alignment

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How can you capture product feedback that will drive the roadmap and help your company close more business? It’s a big ask – and in this era of efficient growth, countless organizations are trying to solve the puzzle.

I recently talked with a PreSales leader who actually did it: Derek Hall, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering at ServiceTitan.

One of the fastest growing technology companies on the market, ServiceTitan is building the operating system for the trades, a critical industry that’s been underserved by technology for far too long. I know that whenever I’m getting work done on my house my contractor will predictably use ServiceTitan to help with the process.

But ServiceTitan leadership wanted more data on their product and what features would result in greater market share and more revenue. In short: what product investments would have the highest revenue upside?

Input was requested form the PreSales team to help influence forecasting decisions for the next fiscal year, and that’s where Derek got involved.

But his team was capturing product feedback data in disparate systems such as CRMs and spreadsheets. That made it difficult to know with confidence which features would produce the greatest impact.

“We needed a solution that would allow the team to say ‘If you build these features, you can land this revenue.’ And it all needed to be supported by data,” Derek said.

The first stop was to see if it could be done in Salesforce. “”Using Salesforce as a source of truth for product gap information proved unscalable,” Derek explained. “I recognized that to capture insights in a scalable and consistent way, my team needed a single pane of glass to work in.”

He added, “I liked that Vivun provided that and integrated into Salesforce to sync the necessary notes/product gap data for us to build comprehensive reporting for cross-functional stakeholders.”

So the team began using Vivun, and the results have been fantastic.

“We now have a highly collaborative feedback loop with R&D on what features to build. We can clearly see what product changes are likely to affect the greatest amount of revenue.”

In fact: “Using Vivun’s product-field alignment, we’ve targeted $27M in ARR in potential upside from various features that could be built from opportunity gaps tracked. The product team is working to deliver these features and then my team will help go get that revenue.”

Product gap information hasn’t been the only benefit from using Vivun. As a PreSales leader, Derek has appreciated the ability to have clearer visibility into PreSales team operations, enabling leadership to optimize processes and help the team spend time more effectively.

“If we see a spike in no-shows, that’s a data point we can use to talk to peers about updating meeting practices and avoiding wasted time.”

In addition, performance reviews are supported by data. “I can see how my team is doing and where to support them. It’s even improved the promotion process for my team. It gives them more ways to measure performance, outside of revenue impact, to build strong business cases for advancement.”

Having Vivun as his leadership “control panel” is great, but the ability to target millions in additional potential revenue due to product-field alignment is a game changer. Read the entire case study with Derek and ServiceTitan here.

Aaron Sun Avatar photo June 7, 2023