Unlock the Future of PreSales Success with Vivun’s Unparalleled Expertise and Technology

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In a world where change is the only constant, clinging to outdated strategies is like trying to win a modern race with a horse-drawn carriage. It’s time to rewrite the playbook, and the unsung heroes ready to revolutionize your game are your PreSales experts.

Go-to-Market success used to be much simpler. Products were launched, marketing generated leads, and sales converted them. 

But today, buyers demand more.

The game has changed: continuous product iteration, rapid response to market shifts, and tight alignment between product and marketing/sales teams are the new rules.

The journey isn’t all rosy. As complexity grows, the pressure to exceed targets intensifies. You’re tweaking sales processes, pondering pricing, and combating churn. 

PreSales Teams – the tech wizards bridging the gap between products and customers – holds the key to success. 

PreSales is no longer just along for the ride as the technical backstop.

They’re driving – and igniting a product-first, expert-led, go-to-market revolution.

By unleashing PreSales’s potential, the game changes dramatically. The process becomes scalable, patterns of victory emerge, and your product aligns perfectly with customer needs. 

The result? Explosive opportunities, bigger deals, unbeatable win rates, and shorter sales cycles. It’s a cheat code for revenue growth.

That is why Vivun exists. 

Since 2019, it’s been our mission to change B2B sales for good, with a platform that unlocks the power of PreSales to run a modern, efficient go-to-market. But in a world where innovation and adaptability reign supreme, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice, but a necessity. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce not one, but two groundbreaking releases that are set to transform the landscape of PreSales teams worldwide. Get ready to meet the Vivun Intelligence System and SE Copilot™ – two game-changing tools designed to empower your PreSales journey like never before.

Vivun Intelligence System: Elevating Human Expertise

Imagine having the combined wisdom of the world’s most experienced PreSales teams at your fingertips. That’s precisely what the Vivun Intelligence System brings to the table. Drawing on decades of industry expertise, industry best practices, and invaluable insights from thousands of sales opportunities, and over 3 million PreSales team activities, this system takes PreSales excellence to a whole new level.

The Vivun Intelligence System is seamlessly woven into all Vivun products. By harnessing the power of AI and ML, it provides you with precise, actionable recommendations that empower your PreSales teams to make confident, informed decisions. Gone are the days of uncertainty – with this revolutionary tool, you’ll navigate opportunities with unparalleled precision and seize growth like never before.

SE Copilot: Guiding Your Path to Success

PreSales knows more than anyone that having a reliable co-pilot is crucial. But until now, PreSales teams haven’t had the Co-Pilot to help them manage and scale.  Introducing SE Copilot, the transformative solution that leverages the boundless potential of AI and Large Language Models to offer PreSales teams an unparalleled experience. At its core, SE Copilot is designed to provide recommendations that are not only powerful but also transparent and easy to understand.

With a laser focus on holistic and pervasive experience, SE Copilot becomes your compass through the intricate world of PreSales. It’s powered by the Vivun Intelligence System, providing recommendations that resonate. From optimizing and automating processes to aligning teams and analyzing performance, SE Copilot empowers you to make swift, informed decisions that propel your revenue and product strategies towards unprecedented growth.

The Vivun Intelligence System and SE Copilot aren’t feature releases; they’re revolutions. They’re the culmination of decades of experience, the latest AI advancements, and an unwavering dedication to helping you achieve remarkable success.

The road to excellence has never been clearer, and the journey has never been more exciting. Are you ready to transform your PreSales game? The time is now.

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Jarod Greene Avatar photo August 22, 2023