Vivun Reveals Revel to Deliver a New Experience for the Sales-Proof Buyer

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There’s a new buyer in town. One that works asynchronously in geographically distributed companies and expects to get a fast, hands-on experience with the products they are evaluating to meet their needs. This change comes from a new generation stepping into B2B leadership and purchasing; millions of millennials now hold management roles, 48% of which are director-level or higher (Upwork). The post-pandemic world has accelerated the shifts that come with these new decision makers, creating a selling environment that must be hands-on, engage distributed stakeholders, and welcome asynchronous collaboration.

Embracing these changes was a major theme at our virtual conference, UNXPCTD. If you missed our product team’s big unveil of Revel by Vivun®, you can watch it on demand. In the recap, you’ll see how Revel delivers a new buyer experience to remedy the hangover caused by yesterday’s go-to-market (GTM) tools and point solutions. Revel gives modern buyers immediate access to the products they need while reducing the vendor’s operational nightmares that come with cloned demo environments, sandboxes, and free trials.

The rise of the sales-proof buyer has been complicated even further by economic conditions forcing revenue-facing teams to “do more with less.” This is particularly true for Solutions Organizations as the trusted advisors who can deliver the hands-on experience buyers require. As one of the most impactful parts of GTM, they are also one of the most scrutinized due to ambiguities around revenue influence and the cost of sale. 

While Hero – the first member of Vivun’s family of products – brings much needed visibility to the impact of the Solutions team, Revel supercharges them further by lifting even more of the constraints on their most valued resource – namely, their time. It’s designed to maximize efficiencies for delivering access to your products and embedding on-demand expertise. Revel enables buyers to gain product information at their own pace and time while equipping Solutions and other GTM teams, such as Sales and Marketing, with an easy-to-use method for evangelizing product capabilities and communicating value.

With Revel, revenue-facing teams can easily:

  • Emulate their products to provide an interactive, hands-on experience
  • Deliver a tailored product overview as a pre-read, leave behind, and sandbox replacement
  • Communicate the exact story they want to tell by quickly modifying on-screen data
  • Arm champions with what they need to sell internally on their time and their terms
  • Build trust and confidence with buyers through the product experience

Revel is part of the family of products that sits on the Vivun platform, along with Hero—which provides the ability to run, measure, and manage Solutions teams globally. Together, the Vivun family of products is designed to win over today’s sales-proof buyer by delivering an incredible experience – having far more impact in terms of deal acceleration than outdated techniques such as call recordings or email sequencing. The Vivun platform is built for the new world where buyers will only become customers if they can engage with sellers in a way that’s empowering and transparent.

“Vivun was always intended to be a platform of products that can be used standalone, but complement each other and magnify each other’s impact. Revel is our third product that stands on that platform, and I’m excited to empower Solutions teams and their revenue-driving counterparts with the most modern, easy-to-use solution in the market for communicating product capabilities at scale,” said Matt Darrow, Vivun co-founder & CEO. “B2B buying has changed forever, and it’s only by enhancing the Buyer Experience will organizations be able to continue to grow and capture market share.”

Get in touch with us if you’re ready to learn more about Revel.

Aaron Sun Avatar photo November 8, 2022