Win Deals Faster with Transparency and Trust: Introducing Eval by Vivun®

Matt Darrow

By now, the world has seen how PreSales influences revenue growth, product innovation and can run their department as a business. Eval by Vivun® spearheads yet another way to elevate the function–putting PreSales at the epicenter of the deal and taking ownership of the buying experience. Successful evaluations have been the cornerstone of Business to Business (B2B) wins for years, and now there’s a proven way to achieve them faster, every time. 

Transforming the Buying Experience for Better Business Outcomes

Clear, mutual requirements, collaboration, and agreements between buyers and vendors empower PreSales to shape criteria, lock in the scope, and get sign-off more easily. Friction is removed when the product capabilities are out in the open, driving both parties’ confidence in the solution and partnership. Everybody wins.

There’s no question that a streamlined evaluation leads to accelerated technical wins. You can also expect major advantages for the business win. Obtaining the contract signature becomes more predictable because sellers aren’t asking their buyers to take a leap of faith. The buyer gets a “sure thing” because they know exactly how it will meet their core use cases, and they’ve seen how it will work. This also leads to more seamless hand-offs post sales, faster implementations, higher retention, and Product avoids having customers hijack the roadmap.

As a result, budgets are pushed through with confidence. The buyer can easily and thoroughly defend their purchase request to leadership and procurement. When there’s confidence in getting to value quickly, timelines run much more smoothly. When your buyers have proven that your solution is uniquely positioned to meet their needs, sellers have higher ground to stand on in terms of pricing, and they’re less vulnerable to discounting wars with competitors. You’re likely to see higher win rates and increased deal sizes.

Building Transparency and Trust

These days, buyers see through the sales positioning tricks that worked in decades past, and these tactics cost you limited opportunities to build rapport. Nobody likes surprises when their professional reputation is on the line. When your buyers know the truth about your solution upfront, you establish trust. In turn, the champion is more willing to adapt their expectations and open their minds to new ways to solve their problems.

With eyes wide open, the buyer comes to the table knowing what is possible and how you can meet their needs. Evaluations performed with transparency and trust will make your champion look like a rock star at their company. Not only have they done their due diligence in record time, but they can also articulate with conviction how this solution will help them achieve company goals. Naturally, they’ll elevate their career in the process.

How do you build transparency and trust with a buyer? You share their burdens, take ownership in meeting their needs, and become their advisor and ally. To launch a Workspace in Eval, both parties must sign-off to lock in the requirements and share the accountability to work through them together. This process of agreement is a core concept because it creates clarity and alignment from the very beginning. Of course, things change. You can’t always prevent the unknown from happening. We’ve all been in deals where organizational changes occur, the market shifts creating new business needs, or new stakeholders emerge at the eleventh hour with their own agenda. You must adapt to meet your buyer’s needs. A change in scope is structured around an agreement, so everyone is clear on the new criteria and signs-off, knowing the impact.

More Than a Shared Task List

To create a modern buying experience for your customers, you must go beyond a collaborative checklist, a Gantt chart, or a chat tool. While a typical project management gadget can help get you out of spreadsheet hell, it is not an intelligent workspace for evaluations. To get deals done, you and your buyers need more. Eval is uniquely designed to give your team a competitive edge, drive mutual accountability, and align stakeholders. We do it with collaboration, locked in requirements, two-party agreements, and immutable audit trails. Finally, a place for you and your buyer to call home.

Setting Up Expansion and Growth

The benefits for the buyer don’t stop once the deal is closed. Customers walk away with a comprehensive plan for their long-term success and start their relationship with post-sales on the right foot. Instead of reiterating everything they’ve explained in grave detail during the sales process, customers embark on the next step of their journey feeling heard and are spared the fatigue of starting over from ground zero. Post-sales is spared the pain and suffering that occurs when they have to break bad news because important information was glossed over with the customer during the evaluation process. 

Implementations will go faster when post-sales teams have the full story of what happened with PreSales, which means the customer gets to value more quickly. They’ll be ready to share their success with other buyers. Ultimately, your customers will be happier, and accounts will grow.
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Matt Darrow November 1, 2021