Elastic Gets Essential PreSales Data to Drive Growth

“The data we’ve gathered with Vivun informs our decision making at the highest levels of the company.”

Oliver Oursin, VP of Solution Architecture, EMEA

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Elastic is the leading platform for search-powered solutions. With solutions in Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security, Elastic helps enhance customer and employee search experiences, keep mission-critical applications running smoothly, and protect against cyber threats.


  • With Elastic’s growth, previous tools could no longer sufficiently capture the impact of PreSales efforts. “We had a time-logging system that was focused more on counting the number of hours worked, rather than tracking deliverables and what their impact was.”
  • “As a consequence, we realized that our decisions as a management team were based on data that didn’t answer our questions to the degree of quality that we wanted.”
  • “Elastic has a fairly technical product, so there are many aspects of our sales process that can influence the outcome of a deal. We intended to gather more detailed information on how to create better outcomes for our customers.”

Vivun Benefits

  • With Vivun’s automated activity capture, Elastic Solutions Architects (SAs) have logged 10s of thousands of hours worth of outcomes. Oliver: “Based on this data, we can determine what the impact of those outcomes is in relation to our business results and further optimize our operations.”
  • “Our Global Vice President of Solutions Architecture, Kim Heath, is utilizing Vivun data in review meetings and QBRs with our President and leadership team.”
  • Vivun acts as a single source of information for the commercial impact of product gaps across all of Elastic’s solutions. Oliver: “We can now better identify meaningful opportunities to address customer needs within our solutions.”

“Vivun provides us with a very simple, straightforward way to represent what is otherwise a fairly technical, somewhat complex sales process. Documenting our work generally isn’t the easiest thing to do in PreSales, but with Vivun we are able to do so with minimal effort.”

Business Impact

“With just 6 months of Vivun data, we’ve been able to start identifying patterns in how we can sell more successfully across regions, segments, and businesses, and make changes that have yielded immediate improvements.”