Fivetran Scales Technical Sales, Achieves Operational Excellence with Vivun

“We’ve put our entire technical sales team on the platform so everyone is working from shared data.”

Garth Thompson, EMEA Sales Engineering, Fivetran

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Fivetran automates data integration from source to destination, providing data that teams can analyze immediately.


  • Scaling a large technical team quickly, from 30 to 50 in a matter of months (including the technical customer success team).
  • No “source of truth” for all of technical sales to exchange insights and capture data about critical accounts.
  • Needed technical sales data for forecast calls and other leadership meetings, so that Presales could contribute its point-of-view and insights.
  • “You can try and do all of this in Salesforce, but it’s not built for the workflow of technical sales and we had no taste to try to build it anyway. We wanted something built by PreSales people for the way we work, collaborate, and win deals.”

Vivun Benefits

  • Powerful insight into the PreSales team, such as utilization, deal coverage, technical win rates, and attach rates by segment. “We didn’t have this data prior to using Vivun.”
  • Safe, sane place for Team Member Requests. “The TMR Feature in Vivun has been fantastic. Before we didn’t have a gate, and we had no quality check on PreSales resources. Vivun solved that for us.”
  • Forecasting capabilities: “Now I can just look at an opportunity and see the PreSales lens on it. It’s great to walk those insights into sales forecasting meetings and communicate them to my peers.”
  • Individual contributors have a place to manage their work. “My team loves to use the platform. It’s not a data entry chore—it’s a place to see their world in a way that makes sense for them.”

“Vivun is a fantastic platform for PreSales leadership. It is almost even better for the SEs as it provides a unified view of all open opportunities and allows our team to work in an efficient and organized manner.”

Business Impact

“For the first time, our entire technical team—including PreSales but also technical account managers in postsales—is working from the same shared data on the same platform.”

“Vivun is a fantastic platform for PreSales leadership. You can’t get these insights any other way except through more manual effort than anyone wants to do.”