Mirakl Scales Global Team with Vivun

“Vivun has enabled me to justify asking for more headcount – and I’ve received it!”

Natasha Sachdeva, VP Sales Engineering Americas & APAC, and Simon Dyer, VP Sales Engineering, EMEA

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Recently valued at $1.5 billion, Mirakl is the only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow an enterprise marketplace at scale.


  • Massive growth and scale in a fast-growth unicorn (Simon: “From day one I was hiring, hiring, hiring”).
  • PreSales structure was undefined, no best practices – reps would engage PreSales too early into opportunities.
  • No metrics or visibility into what PreSales team was doing day-to-day. Natasha: “We were all remote, even pre-COVID, and we wanted to track PreSales activities better.”
  • Wanted to understand the patterns that led to “wins”: which people, which activities, and which deliverables were causing deals to be closed – and to have all of it backed up with data.
  • Build v. Buy: “We did look into having our Sales Ops team build what we needed. But after looking at their roadmap, I realized there were other competing priorities. Additionally, we wouldn’t have had all the features that Vivun gives us.” – Simon

Vivun Benefits

  • Enhanced ability to allocate PreSales resources based on qualified opportunities, skill set and timing.
  • Full visibility into day-to-day activities of individual PreSales team members globally.
  • Ability to see “winning patterns” based on PreSales activities, deliverables, and even team member configurations.
  • Individual team members love the platform. Natasha: “The funnel view was life changing, as well as the calendar integration. My team has never had such an amazing tool to capture their efforts and show their value.”
  • “The data in Vivun has allowed us to start really scaling the function.” – Simon

“At forecast calls, having Vivun information at my fingertips is gold.”

Business Impact

“At forecast calls, having Vivun information at my fingertips is gold. I know exactly what the PreSales sentiment is on each deal. We’ve been able to truly raise the strategic profile of PreSales at Mirakl – the data we capture goes all the way up the chain.” – Simon

“’Vivun has enabled me to justify asking for more headcount – and I’ve received it! It’s due to the platform’s ability to show the pattern and the data behind each piece of closed business, and how our team contributes.” – Natasha