Tipalti Drives Product Roadmap with Presales Intel

"We have a clear line-of-sight to seeing definitive impact on top and bottom line revenue thanks to Vivun."

David Schultz, Head of Solution Consulting

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Tipalti is the only supplier payments automation solution to streamline all phases of the AP and payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform.


  • Wanted PreSales to support their product enhancement suggestions with a foundation of data.
  • Typically, product roadmap had been driven by customer surveys and market analysis—which are still being used, but PreSales can record the unique insight from new prospects, especially as Tipalti continues to expand its market.
  • “I’m a former product executive myself. I wanted a tight connection between the product team and what my PreSales team was seeing in the field.”
  • As PreSales team grew quickly, wanted visibility into team activities and efficacy, as well as patterns that lead to better win-rates—to help with resource allocation and capacity planning

Vivun Benefits

  • Powerful store of data that enables tight collaboration between Product and PreSales. “We get together and review the data in Hero monthly.”
  • Dramatic ability to streamline and accelerate decision making regarding product enhancements.
  • Ability to be transparent to all stakeholders about why product decisions are made. “Opinions are listened to, but it’s data that rules the decision making process.”
  • “I love being able to simply export a list of product gaps with associated revenue to share with my CRO—everyone understands what’s at stake, and it’s all in Salesforce.”
  • Important information for PreSales capacity planning and resource allocation for the next fiscal year.
  • PreSales team loves to use the platform for doing their work—easy-to-use and thoughtful automation of key tasks such as calendar integration.

“With the product intelligence we now have from Vivun, we are making meaningful roadmap decisions.”

Business Impact

Product enhancements driven by Vivun are likely to have a definitive impact on top and bottom revenue for the company.

“We see the possibility for just one feature that was prioritized in part by Vivun to affect millions of dollars in potential ACV.”