Harness Accelerates Enterprise and Mid-Market Deals

"Vivun is the platform that every PreSales leader needs. It’s allowed me to run my team as a business and show their full value to the organization."

Nick Durkin, Field CTO, Harness

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Harness is a Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service company, which has surged to 400+ employees in just a few years.


  • Harness’ blazing growth trajectory affected PreSales as well: the team grew to 20+ pre and post sales professionals.
  • Managing such a high-growth team became difficult with no tools other than Salesforce, Jira, and Excel.
  • The loudest voice in the company could affect the product roadmap – “But it wasn’t necessarily the right voice, or the right output. The voice of PreSales wasn’t being accounted for.”
  • We knew we could close more deals, faster, if we had the data to deliver the product enhancements that the market needed. And I knew my team was the right team to do it.”
  • Scaling as a first-time Field CTO. “My team of 20+ grew overnight, encompassing both pre and post sales, and I needed to nail everything – reporting, metrics, resource allocation.”

Vivun Benefits

  • Product innovation led by PreSales. AI-powered ability to sift through the noise of product data to get actionable insights – versus trying to jam together Salesforce, Jira, and Excel.
  • Ability to forecast deals with enhanced precision. “We find that Vivun enables us to be a ‘reality check’ on the main sales forecast since it takes PreSales into account.”
  • A platform that enables “management at scale” in a growth oriented, often chaotic environment. “Capacity planning became particularly critical, and we’ve really nailed our hiring timeline and strategy due to Vivun.”
  • For the individual sales engineers, a beloved way to enter in the data they care about. “They don’t want Salesforce, they want a Chrome extension that enables them to enter what they know about product gaps and technical blockers.”

“We finally have the data to make the product changes that truly impact revenue. Do you make one change that affects a $200K deal, or deliver an enhancement that affects 20 smaller deals worth $2M? Vivun gives us these answers.”

Business Impact

“With the product intelligence we’ve derived from Vivun, we’ve been able to close both mid-market as well as enterprise deals faster, because we weren’t chasing the wrong features. So I can tie several hundred thousand dollars in ROI to our use of Vivun.”