Iterable Makes Solutions Success Repeatable with Vivun

"Vivun was pretty clearly the only software fundamentally designed for the PreSales team.”

Carter Hickingbotham, Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting and Andy Rova, Manager, Solutions Consulting

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Iterable provides a cross-channel platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers marketers to create, optimize, and measure every interaction throughout the customer journey.


  • Significant growth at Iterable drove the desire to make PreSales success repeatable. Carter: “A lot of choices about how we were growing and scaling at Iterable were driven by our intuition and experience, but at a certain point we felt it was important to get a better balance of data and intuition together for the next stage of the company’s growth.”
  • “We wanted to better measure our team’s efforts, analyze them in the context of results, and use that data to optimize our sales process. For Iterable’s sales process between AEs and SCs, what are some of the baseline metrics [for success] that we can anchor against moving forward?”

Vivun Benefits

  • Enabling the PreSales team to easily track and view activity. “Our core requirement was that the tracking of time was as painless as possible, but still gave us as managers insight into what the team was doing.” – Andy
  • Pre-built integrations with Salesforce and existing tools. Andy: “Data from Vivun also had to live with the rest of our Salesforce data, and be accessible to our existing analytics pipelines.”
  • Value for both individual contributors and managers. “Using it as an [individual contributor], I love the calendar tracking. I think it’s the coolest thing that I don’t even have to worry about it. As a manager, it’s the fact that the funnel view has my PreSales-centric stages and is truly focused on what someone in my role is thinking.” – Andy

“Vivun has become a centralized place for us to access the most important information about our deals and ultimately be more successful.”

Business Impact

“We’re now at the point where we have data from Vivun flying into our system and it’s set up with Salesforce — the foundation is there to dive deeper and start uncovering insights about the PreSales team’s process.” – Carter