Sonatype Supports Product Market Fit with Vivun

“We have clear line-of-sight to real revenue impact based on Vivun’s ability to transmit PreSales product intelligence.”

Ilkka Turunen, Global Director of PreSales, Sonatype

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Sonatype’s Nexus platform helps more than 1,000 organizations and 10 million software developers simultaneously accelerate innovation and improve application security.


  • Global growth and rapid hiring—distributed team of 20 PreSales people worldwide.
  • No visibility into day-to-day activities and deliverables —“I was gathering all that information via phone calls and 1:1s, and it consumed a ton of time.”
  • Needed rock-solid data to help influence the product roadmap, and to ensure that product decisions affected as much available revenue as possible. “PreSales worked well with the product team, but we were relying too much on instinct and intuition. I felt like I was in ‘Groundhog Day’ having the same conversations.”
  • Build or Buy: “We had our own PreSales system and tracker, but it was clunky and it led to poor adoption and spotty data. We also looked at Trello boards and trying to build natively in Salesforce, but when we came across Vivun, we recognized that the entire platform had been built by people who truly understood what we wanted, with a view of the PreSales universe.”

Vivun Benefits

  • Incredible influx of product intelligence captured by fast-growing PreSales team.
  • Product features and direction now determined by data, not opinions. “We can clearly see what product changes are likely to affect the greatest amount of revenue.”
  • Full visibility into PreSales activities and deliverables across a global organization. “When I talk to my team, I can go much deeper and faster because I have their entire world at my fingertips via the Vivun Funnel view.”
  • Enhanced ability to participate in the sales forecast by bringing to bear the technical point-of-view of the PreSales team—all backed by data. Incredible integrations with the tools the team already cares about: “Vivun travels via iPhone app, Chrome extension, and desktop, and it’s very easy to use.”

“ I have full visibility into the daily activities and deliverables across my entire global team.”

Business Impact

“We have clear line-of-sight to real revenue impact based on Vivun’s ability to capture and transmit product intelligence from my team.”

“My team loves using the platform because they’ve realized that their intelligence helps improve the product and ultimately enables them to sell more. And when that happens, I get full visibility into my team’s actions. It’s a positive feedback loop that benefits everyone.”