Gainsight Maximizes Solution's Team Impact

"Vivun has allowed me to make more data-driven decisions based on what my team is doing, and where they're spending their time."

Brent Krempges, VP Solution and Value Consulting

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Gainsight provides a Customer Success platform that empowers customer-focused businesses to deliver outcomes and exceptional experiences every day.


  • Gainsight’s Solutions Consulting (SC) leadership needed additional resources, but lacked the data to justify new headcount. Brent: “I could look at our AE to SC ratio and the opportunities being worked on, but needed a more detailed breakdown of how our efforts translated to closed won business before I could push for changes internally.”
  • Gainsight wanted a platform that could quickly be adapted to changes in process. Brent: “Our Salesforce team already had a lot on their plate, and we like to adjust our process frequently—remaining dependent on them for CRM customizations would have been challenging for all teams.”
  • Gainsight’s growth and the rollout of a pooled support model required a solution that could inform and streamline requests for SC time and resources in deals.

Vivun Benefits

  • Vivun makes it easy for the team to capture insights on what drives deals forward: Brent: “I didn’t want my team to feel like they needed to track every minute of their day—Hero gave me data without needing to ask the team for things that felt unnatural.”
  • “I thought our win rates were higher than they actually were for certain deliverables in our process—the data proved me wrong. Vivun allowed us to communicate to the team that doing demos later in our sales cycle would actually result in higher win rates overall.”
  • “Vivun has allowed us to start quantifying how much revenue is tied to product enhancements and feature requests, which is something we didn’t have before.”

People are hesitant to invest in software without a clear picture of what it will do for them. We see a high correlation between attach rate and our average deal value—and Vivun helps us understand how we can maximize our impact.”

Business Impact

  • Data-driven insights to maximize win rates and SC impact
  • Product-field alignment to prioritize the highest value investments on the roadmap
  • A voice for Gainsight’s SCs, impacting strategic decisions and unlocking headcount