Finally a Home (and Funnel) for PreSales Leaders

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Managing and leading a PreSsales team can often feel like flying a plane without instruments on a cloudy day—there’s no way to know what’s happening on the ground. 

That’s why we created the Presales Opportunity Funnel, which provides the highest level of team and deal visibility and transparency for Presales leaders. With the Funnel, it’s easy to know what’s going on day-to-day with ICs, and it revolutionizes the way teams interact with each other and contribute data to the organization. 

No more spreadsheets

For far too long Presales has been relegated to using clunky spreadsheets with unworkable insights and random custom fields in Salesforce.

 The Funnel makes this a thing of the past. It is a beautiful, virtual workbench created by SEs for SEs to track and manage deals, collaborate and work.

Opportunities are displayed and categorized by the stage they are in, with each card tracking information such as how many hours an IC spent on a deal, which ICs are working on a particular opportunity, close dates, the Hero Score, and more. 


No PreSales leader wants to solely rely on intuition and instinct for reports and decisions. The Funnel provides PreSales leaders with much-needed visibility into the daily activities of each IC, so they can make accurate, data-driven decisions and win deals. Filters can be used to change the Funnel display to show further granularity and specific team views. 

Recently, we asked IIka Turunen, Director of PreSales at Sonatype, what his favorite feature of the Hero platform is. We thought it might be the Hero Score or its deep integration with Salesforce, but that wasn’t the case. He was most excited about the Funnel and its clean layout with insights into his ICs and their activities, saying:

“When I talk to my team, I can go much deeper and faster because I have their entire world at my fingertips via the Vivun Funnel view. We have enhanced ability to participate in the sales forecast by bringing to bear the technical point-of-view of the PreSales team.” 

The Funnel is also a great workspace to conduct deal inspections, and forecasting is augmented with the Hero Score. PreSales leaders can quickly refer to the probability of a deal closing on the Funnel via stock ticker-like scores. 

What’s in it for the ICs?

What’s good for your team is good for you.

Ultimately, ICs want a one stop shop to view and manage their work that reduces friction and makes entering data as easy as breathing. 

The Funnel lets ICs (and their leaders) know what they are working on today and beyond. Using the Timeline feature ICs can prioritize and plan out their activities. Below one can see how easy it is for an IC to block off two hours for scoping for a POC deliverable. The activities on the Timeline can be further synced to the calendar so teams never need to miss a beat.

And since there are inevitably times when hours and hours go into a deal that never comes to fruition, an IC’s hard work can still be accounted for and acknowledged. Something we all sometimes need. 

The Funnel is the ultimate virtual workbench of PreSales leaders.

The Funnel provides PreSales leaders with a dynamic dashboard that increases team and deal visibility, making it simple to manage ICs and perform deal inspections.

At Vivun, we like to compare the PreSales leader’s Funnel experience to a pilot who is flying with the best instruments on the clearest day of the year. 

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Sam Wortman Avatar photo June 25, 2021