Vivun in a Class By Itself: 2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape

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Creating a new software category isn’t easy. You have to convince people that your new category is justified, and that it matters. When Vivun started out to create the world’s first platform for PreSales, we knew we would have to have that conversation.

We began simply by showing that an enormous void existed in the market. Our point was that all other functional areas of the enterprise had a suite of software solutions designed for them, but PreSales was completely ignored.

That message resonated, especially when we demonstrated to enterprises that we could give them:

  • Operational excellence to help manage and scale their PreSales teams
  • A voice in the forecast by enabling them to show the technical lens of PreSales on each opportunity via our Hero Score®, and 
  • The ability to shape their company’s product roadmap by capturing feedback through PreSales, engaging in a bi-directional communication with the Product Development team and helping prioritize enhancements based on the revenue at stake. 

When you’re a startup, how do you prove that you can do all this? Simple. Find customers who believe in your story, adopt your platform, and become wildly successful. At this point in 2021, that’s exactly what Vivun has done with a slew of amazing customers such as Autodesk, Okta, Dell Secureworks, Harness, Cloudera, and a ton more.

And now our belief that we’ve created a new category is validated in the all-new 2021 Enterprise SalesTech landscape, created by Nancy Nardin of SmartSellingTools.

While Nancy’s landscape has always included a category for Demos, Sales Enablement, and Sales Management, it’s the first time that PreSales Enablement and PreSales Management categories have been included.

Vivun solely occupies the PreSales Management category.

And we’re thrilled. We take great pride in what we’ve built for PreSales leadership to elevate the strategic impact of their teams.  As we see it, the foundational elements of any PreSales management platform must include:

  • Technical forecasting
  • Product alignment
  • Deal Revival®
  • Resource allocation
  • Opportunity and Deliverable management
  • Activity tracking
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics

All delivered on an AI-powered platform with world class security, validated through SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 standards. 

We’re excited to have this validation from SmartSellingTools that Vivun is literally in a class by itself.

Here’s the whole landscape for 2021:

(We know, this landscape is a lot of a lot. Click on the image to see the whole graphic on the SmartSellingTools site.)

Interested to see what all the fuss is about? Request a demo from Vivun. We’ll show you why PreSales visionaries at the world’s most innovative companies now rely on Vivun.

Aaron Sun Avatar photo February 8, 2021