Vivun Releases the Definitive Guide to Drive Product-Field Alignment for B2B Tech Companies

Vivun Releases the Definitive Guide to Drive Product-Field Alignment for B2B Tech Companies

San Francisco, California – (June 4th, 2024) – Vivun, the provider of the world’s leading technical sales execution platform, today announced the release of the industry’s first 

Sales-Product Alignment Playbook, designed to help B2B tech companies bridge the gap between sales and product teams.

Despite the importance of sales feedback in the development of the product roadmap, product leaders are reluctant to prioritize sales support and feedback to influence product strategy. At the same time, the majority of sales leaders don’t believe that product teams are building the features, capabilities, and products required to win, retain, and expand customers. 

The disconnect between sales and product teams impacts competitive execution, usage and adoption, and customer satisfaction, and the rise of Generative AI is set to change the power balance and conversation between Chief Product Officers and Chief Revenue Officers.

“The lack of product and sales alignment is one of the most pervasive challenges in B2B sales’ ‘ said Matt Darrow, CEO of Vivun. “Despite how critical this dynamic is, the traditional methods of managing the relationship between sales and product teams is fundamentally flawed. When product and sales teams foster a closer, more collaborative relationship, businesses can ensure their product strategies are directly aligned with customer needs and market demands. This alignment is critical for driving growth, improving win rates, and reducing churn.”

Vivun empowers Sales Engineers – who combine the sales skill set of sales teams and the technical acumen of product teams – with processes, best practices, and solutions to help the world’s fastest-growing tech companies bridge the gap between Sales and Product teams, align priorities, and drive growth. Empowered Sales Engineers act as a liaison between sales and product, where their unique position allows them to synthesize insights, address technical gaps, craft compelling narratives, and provide a technical perspective of the forecast.

The Product-Field Alignment Playbook offers prescriptive guidance to help companies improve communication, streamline workflows, and create a unified approach to product development and sales execution. Key components of the playbook include:

  • Frameworks for Collaboration: Establishing regular touchpoints and feedback loops between sales and product teams.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging sales insights and customer feedback to inform product roadmap decisions.
  • Best Practices for Alignment: Implementing a proven approach to ensure both teams work towards common goals and metrics.

The playbook also addresses the impact of emerging technologies like Generative AI on the sales-product dynamic, providing guidance on how to integrate these innovations to maintain a competitive edge.

Vivun serves as the catalyst for innovation and growth, empowering companies to build and sell products and solutions that customers want. By mechanizing feedback loops from the technical sales process, boosting win rates with effective technical selling, and reducing churn by delivering features that customers value, Vivun helps organizations improve their pipeline and achieve greater revenue outcomes.

For more information, download the Product-Field Alignment Playbook here, and learn how Vivun is helping B2B tech companies achieve unparalleled alignment and success.

About Vivun

Vivun is the leading Technical Sales Execution platform, dedicated to helping companies win faster with fewer resources. Vivun is the first and only vendor to have modeled the entire technical sales process and created an expert system that uses Generative AI to give sales teams new capabilities, recommendations and insights. VivunOne is a suite of solutions helping customers like Snowflake, ADP, Coupa, Elastic, Seismic, and Docusign build better products, deliver and scale demos, and operationalize their sales process to increase technical capacity, boost win rates, and lift average deal sizes while reducing sales cycles.