Dive into the World of the Hero Chronicles: Volume 1

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Earlier this summer, Vivun changed the product release game with the publication of a graphic novel to tell the story of our AI-powered PreSales platform. This new and exciting way to explore products and features is brought to life by Hero, a principal SE, in her fight to revolutionize PreSales and secure the technical win. Let’s dive into the riveting world of Vivun’s Hero Chronicles!

Like most SEs, Hero is grinding her life away in an office, always the last to leave, the cost of securing the tech win measured in blood, sweat, and tears. She’s tired of her entire SE team wasting time on repetitive, low-value activities, and working deals that will never close. But she doesn’t know a way around the long hours, the clunky CRM customization tools, and logging information across several spreadsheets and multiple tabs. She knows she needs something besides her after-work whiskey to control the chaos and centralize her work.  

Hero is in luck! Tonight is different from the others. The whiskey may be hard and the same, but the bartender has a trick up his sleeve. It’s even better than the source code for the custom demo Hero needs to deliver in the morning. She doesn’t believe the bartender at first: How could her “hero”, Ava the cyborg, who started the PreSales Revolution, manage to escape the heavily guarded Metropic Cyber Prison? 

In the back of the bar, behind curtains and out of sight, Ava is hiding out from the Metropic security crew that wishes to end the PreSales Revolution before it has a chance to get off the ground. But what Ava has already begun, can’t be stopped. SEs are hungry for a native PreSales platform, the right tools, and the right data to lead their PreSales organizations to success.  

Ava promises Hero she can remove the tedium and ambiguity that stands between SEs and the tech win, and ultimately, greatness. All she needs is Hero to deliver a network of SE soldiers to fight for the PreSales Revolution. Hero slams back a shot and agrees. She’s been waiting for this moment her entire career. How do they get started? 

First, Ava wipes out Hero’s task list 10x faster than she could ever type “FML” to another miserable colleague. Then, Ava builds Hero’s custom demo in minutes, logs all of Hero’s activity, and prescribes how to close the deal. With a knowing look, Ava notifies every SE on Hero’s team of the same invaluable insights for every deal they are working for. This sorcery is possible because Ava’s using the features found in Vivun’s PreSales platform. Hero by Vivun® comes with a built-in forecast tool called the Hero Score® that acts as the technical conscience for every deal and is quantified and explained to help SEs close business. Also, the Calendar Intelligence feature automates the matching of calendar events to activities and frees up the SE soldiers from never-ending manual processes and pieced-together systems. With this technology, the PreSales Revolution can advance. 

With the Metropic security crew on Ava’s trail, Hero plans on hiding Ava in her office, but once outside the building, dark clouds roll in, wind gusts, and a colorful storm quickly builds. It’s a rush of product feedback blowing in from the field into the endless feature backlog. These data storms have become bigger and more violent as products stagnate and fail to deliver the features customers demand as part of their purchase decision. And if features even make it out of the backlog, product releases miss the mark, sales cycles lengthen, deals slip and are lost, and growth opportunities are left untapped. 

These terrible data storms are only increasing, but tools in Vivun’s PreSales platform like the Product Gap Library, which acts as a source of truth to define, cluster, and measure product gaps, can help prevent them. Plus, our Product Gap Analysis feature, which relies on time series metrics for revenue, frequency, competition, and industry trends, helps Ava triage gaps fast so she knows which ones need to be closed to win business. 

As the data storm gets worse and the backlog grows, the wind sweeps Ava and Hero off their feet and into the eye of the storm. It’s too entangled, and neither can overpower it without the other. To survive, they harness the data force to merge into one.

With her new PreSales superpowers and cyborg form, Hero rises above the tornado and transforms the data and backlog to become organized, insightful, and actionable. A clear product vision and technical forecast emerge giving Hero the strength to close more deals faster than ever before.

Now, Hero can lead a PreSales Revolution that empowers her SE colleagues to effectively manage their team; align sales with product; guide buyers through successful evaluations; while measuring, proving, and communicating their value. She can channel the power of PreSales with AI, ML, and automation to unlock and accelerate revenue. And so the PreSales Revolution begins…

To see Hero in action off the page, you can check out how MRI, a real-estate software, is using Hero. With Hero, MRI now has a metrics and operational approach in place to help the PreSales team achieve the top-line goal of a 2-3x revenue increase.

Download Volume 1 now, and check back in February 2022 to see where the story of Hero and the PreSales Revolution is headed in the release of Hero Chronicles: Volume 2.

To unlock your PreSales potential like Hero sign up for a demo of our platform Hero by Vivun® today!

Sam Wortman Avatar photo October 8, 2021