MRI Software Supercharges the Solutions Team

"Vivun is a no-brainer for any PreSales leader seeking to enhance their operational effectiveness and scale their team."

David Marsh, Global VP of Sales Engineering, MRI Software

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MRI Software is a 1,000+ employee SaaS provider of real estate software. It’s experiencing a growth surge and has completed over 33 acquisitions in the last few years.


  • Lack of visibility into PreSales activity — couldn’t even answer the question “How many demos did we do last quarter?”
  • Lacked key metrics such as “What is our win rate per product line?” — with insufficient time/resources to modify Salesforce to create this reporting.
  • Desire to tap PreSales intelligence to help shape MRI product roadmap.

Vivun Benefits

  • Incredible metrics and reporting on team productivity, effectiveness, and win-rates that goes all the way to the CEO and the board.
  • Ability to forecast deals with enhanced precision, due to visibility into PreSales activities and what they’re doing to support each deal. “In a post-COVID world, the question I get asked the most is ‘Are you going to make your pipeline?’ Vivun gives me this answer on the fly.”
  • Efficient, metric-driven allocation of presale resources to the right deal, preventing the “grab bag” approach.
  • Platform set up to capture unparalleled intelligence for informing the product offering, with the goal of aligning sales, presales, and product.
  • Ability to revive dormant opportunities when product gaps are closed.
  • For the individual sales engineers, a place to “prove” their effectiveness in terms of activities, deals closed, and ARR achieved. “These are the numbers my team needs to have in their hands when they talk about a promotion.”

“My metrics go to the CEO and all the way to the board level now—win rate by product line, what resources it takes to get a technical win. I would never have had these capabilities without Vivun.”

Business Impact

“If I had to build in Salesforce even just a bare bones version of Vivun gives me, it would take 1-2 FTE sales ops people and hundreds of hours. And that’s even if they had the time to spare me, which they don’t.”

Metrics and operational approach now in place to help PreSales team achieve top-line goal of 2-3x revenue increase.