Taking Buyer Experience to the Next Level with Eval Volume 2

Aaron Sun

Vivun Product Stories combine the latest advancements in the Vivun platform with a story that’s engaging and fun to read. In this latest issue of The Evaluators, we’re showing how the Solutions team can take the buyer experience to the next level. 

Simply agreeing on a spreadsheet list of requirements isn’t enough—when stakeholders feel informed and consulted with, they’re empowered to make decisions with confidence. This in turn lays a foundation of trust that opens the door to growth, expansions, and long-term success. 

With enhancements to Eval by Vivun® that make it easier than ever to quickly bring your buyer’s context into the evaluation and engage multiple stakeholders, Eval Volume 2 makes it more effective and faster than ever to deploy solutions expertise and get to the root of your buyers’ needs. 

Seeing the bigger picture with your buyer to expand the partnership

Previously, the crew of the mighty ship Eval 3001 met Luli, a mysterious buyer who needed to secure the rare mineral unobtainium. Struggling initially to translate Luli’s language and fighting off multiple competitors, The Evaluators eventually win over Luli’s trust and business—and successfully complete their mission. 

But with today’s sales-proof buyers, there’s always something bigger at stake. Luli explains that the unobtainium is actually needed to stop a meteor from destroying her home planet, and she enlists the help of Ronan (the Solutions Consultant) and Brox (the Account Executive) to find a solution more quickly. 

Brox is initially hesitant to stay involved, but Ronan convinces him that continuing to assist Luli with her mission will be hugely beneficial to them in the future. Many Sales and Solutions Orgs today understand that helping buyers become successful over the long term is more important than the initial signing. 

Making buyer onboarding effortless

Once the crew arrives at Luli’s home planet, a new character joins our cast—Lex, an esteemed colleague of Luli’s who has been working on the problem with their own ideas and insights. While the crew previously had trouble understanding Luli’s native language, newly updated translation software enables Lex to immediately engage with Ronan on ways to save the planet. 

Engaging buyers in an evaluation can be awkward and incredibly complex—wrangling people and requirements is tricky even in the highest priority initiatives. Giving your stakeholders a frictionless way to get involved, trust is established, and productive conversations happen earlier and more often. 

Combining your buyers’ context with new expertise to find a clear solution

Lex brings to the discussion a vast array of potential solutions to stop the meteor, but it’s not yet clear to him what the best solution is. Augmenting Lex’s knowledge with his own experience, Ronan is able to pick out two key requirements, and proposes an alternate solution.

Solutions teams often have expertise across domains that can be used in new and creative ways to overcome their buyers’ challenges. Efficiently narrowing down possible options into a clear solution backed by proof helps you win evaluations faster. 

As the meteor approaches, there’s no time to lose. Confident that the plan will meet their requirements, Luli and Lex both vote in favor of Ronan’s solution, and then head down to the planet’s surface to execute their plan. 

Voting and collecting feedback in this manner is incredibly useful for aligning evaluation owners with buyers—Solutions teams can clearly see whether they’re satisfying evaluation requirements, and engage directly with detractors if issues arise.

Evaluations can often be highly complex undertakings, but making it effortless for your buyers to collaborate and share feedback lets you reach solutions more quickly and accelerate the buying process. With Eval Volume 2, it’s easier than ever to bring your buyers on board.

Journeying into the future of swag

Celebrating Eval Volume 1, our latest Eval Product Story comes with another round of collectibles featuring art from the comic, as well as an NFT

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFT will be donated to Bridging Tech, an organization dedicated to closing the digital divide in K-12 education. 

Taking buyer experience to the next level

When buyers and vendors are fully aligned on what matters, anything’s possible. Read through all of Eval Volume 2 here, or check out the rest of our Product Stories for a journey into the future of buying. 

Aaron Sun September 14, 2022